Welcome to Gattacca

Gattacca builds technology enabled workspaces where independent healthcare practices can collaborate and work together

What Gattacca Offers

• Beautiful workspace for teams of any size

• Freedom to run your own business and choose your own schedule

• Reduced overhead costs and administrative duties

• Opportunity to work alongside health professionals of various disciplines

• Access to more space and equipment

Integrated software technology to streamline your business operations

• Services and amenities, including but not limited to, high-speed internet, legal and accounting services, payment processing, and insurance

Our software platform enables you to

• Schedule appointments and automatically notify your clients

• Fully automate the reception process for your practice

• Keep track of your payments

• Increase your referrals by marketing your services and establishing a digital network with health practices across all of our workspaces

• Easily communicate with existing and potential clients

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